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Lenticular Printing

Overseas printers are producing some of the best quality lenticular printing in the world. Their rates are 50% to 65% lower than North American and European printers.

Who am I

I am a North American and European based lenticular specialist with twenty-five years of experience in lenticular material design, extrusion, graphics and material distribution.



I am the founder of LPC World and LPC Europe (now known as DPLenticular), and a past partner/owner in Lenticular Corporation.


I have moved millions of lbs of lens, and can manage your projects and purchases in a safe and secure environment.


I understand and know how to manage the language and cultural differences.

save money with ease

North American and European lenticular materials are
three times the cost of overseas material.

North American and European printers find
lenticular printing to be difficult and inefficient.

If you find lenticular printing to be difficult, inefficient and way too expensive, then let me take care of it for you.

Why overseas printing

Overseas lenticular printing provides excellent quality at great prices.

Overseas printing makes lenticular affordable.

Overseas printing is safe and secure when I handle it.

Start printing overseas
Let me handle it for you.